We noticed how difficult it was to find promotional material that reflected our social and environmental priorities that we wanted to promote with various brands, organizations and companies in Canada to begin with. Slowly, we transitioned into other products and are now stepping into fashion industry!

The Cutting Edge bags and products are crafted with passion and are made to last you forever, just the way our story has a lasting impact on many lives.

We use quality fabrics and accessories, which are 100% sourced in Canada and then 100% manufactured and packaged at our manufacturing facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Thus we take great pride in calling ourselves ‘100% Crafted in Canada’ products.

The versatile bags we make not only easy to wash but you can use them for various purposes. Either they are fitting in your travel suitcases with an extra pair of shoes in them or they are accompanying you or your kids to gym. They are perfect companions for any reason.

We are a social enterprise and a training program run by women in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We help newcomer women attain sewing skills to fill up the deficit in sewing industry, promote fair-trade production, entrepreneurial spirit and sustainable development. We feel proud to have touched lives of so many women by letting them work under ethical conditions, encouraging them to discuss their mental health and boost confidence to allow them to integrate in Canadian working class.