For yourself, friends and family: 

If you would like to order just a few pieces, please order through our retail partners.

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Bulk Orders: 

Please take the time to browse our catalogue The Cutting Edge Bulk Masks 

Please place your order via our contact form

We accept bulk orders on: 

  • 50+ pieces on Adults, Youth and Children’s
  • 6+ pieces for the Accessibility masks

Please note that during that week of September 14 to 18, we will be not able to respond via email to customer requests. However, our production is working full-time to keep on producing orders so that we are able to fulfill them as quick as possible after September 21st. Please submit your order and we will reply to you and fulfill them in the order that they have been received as soon as possible after September 21st. We are currently fulfilling orders within a 2-3 week lead-time. 

If you would like to receive a few masks more quickly, please do visit our retail partners (linked above), they are able ship more quickly.