About Us

What We Do?

The Cutting Edge enhances the independence of new immigrant women to attain sewing skills and fill up the deficit in sewing industry with confidence.

The Cutting Edge does this through the development of skills and participation in social enterprise, personal development and employment.

Our Cause

The Cutting Edge was created with a passion to make a positive impact on socio-economic scene of Manitoba, Canada by empowering new immigrant women. The Cutting Edge embodies a message of consistency and determination. For every batch of students, we start with handful of women, skill them, get them hired and embody them with confidence in the process. This eventually play its part in keeping the sewing industry alive in Winnipeg.

According to the 2016 census the share of Canada’s recent immigrants living in the prairie provinces has more than doubled. Out of which, majority, just over 60 per cent, was admitted under the economic category, and close to 27 per cent under the family category. The rest were admitted as refugees. Most of these people are forcibly displaced from their homes due to conflict, violence, and war. This is an escalating problem which needs our support to help provide basic skills for them to transition smoothly into Canada; this includes education and skills to help rebuild lives. We think focusing on women is a better niche for us, as we can work around their cultural barriers, help them gain confidence and build strong support group amongst their peers and our team.